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Four decisions determine your long-term recovery.

Common mistakes:

Going to the closest center (many of our patients travel 13 hours), not looking at all
options and thinking there is no real difference (there is a 7x difference in results).
  • Listening to advice from the poorly informed, believing all claims, not understanding
    out-of-pocket costs and incomplete disclosures(there are no hidden costs with us),
    Trusting impressive facilities and reputations.
  • Joining a one-size-fits-all program, choosing poorly qualified therapists lecturing to
    many patients at a time(we personalize your therapy).
  • Most of all, not having medication assistance (essential for effective treatment(see SAMHSA & WHO). It’s missing in most programs.
Outpatient Individual, monthly buprenorphine outpatient therapy results in recovery in
70% while allowing normal activities. Compared to non-medicated, tapered or
abstinence programs with their 10% success rates.
  • Most substance users have mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or post
    traumatic stress syndrome . They must be fully dealt with(as we do) to achieve lasting
    sobriety. Remember we are a top 10 addiction therapy center caring for ALL chemical dependencies and coexisting problems.

We're unique.

We're different.

The best sources of
information are:

  • Nida (National Institute on Drug
  • Asam (American Society Of Addiction
  • Who (World health organization)
  • Aaap (American Academy of
    Addiction Psychiatry)
  • NAABT (The National Alliance of
    Advocates for Buprenorphine

Collaborative Centers:

Hope, Help, Heal.

Physicians are Here to Speak to You

Why Us?

At this point you know whether you or your loved one would benefit from treatment, the consequences
if you don’t, but knowledge does nothing without action.

Call 833-811-91111 There are hundreds of claims to be the best answer.
Here’s what you need to know

We are among the top 10 trusted treatment centers in Minnesota with seven times better outcomes than the most common standard talk/ abstinence programs.

We are approved by Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, federal and state licensure Our reviews are unmatchable(check others) at 84% five stars.

Expert evidence-based cutting-edge research shows our treatment is by far the most effective.

most users have coexisting anxiety, depression, PTSD and others which must be treated for success but is not in most other programs.833-811-9111
Your relationship with our Top Expert,thorough, empathetic,non-judgmental, extremely experienced one-on-one therapists are the key to your success.
Each person does best when their treatment program is individualized, not standard for everyone. We develop a plan specifically for you.

Immediate one phone call no hassles or barriers usually same day start, Free assessment by MD, 24/7 phone support by MD.We supply information, answers,and phone consultations.(Who else does?)

Compare our $250 per 30 days for all treatment including detox, rehab, mental health care, limited counseling and relapse prevention with what you spend for your habit -Usually seven times more. No hidden costs. And within a week Increasing pay is usual.Often insurance reimbursement to you occurs. Check our competitor’s prices.
Since covid, telemedicine allows treatment anywhere at your schedule. periodically.Our patients and the research tell us it is more effective and far preferable than impatient or face to face outpatient care.Unlike the medical-industrial complex,it is not about us- it’s for you-we respect you and make it for your convenience not for ours.
No therapist can provide everything that might be needed. We work closely with smart recovery, NAMI,counselors, 12-step groups, medical professionals, and family.
most users have coexisting anxiety, depression, PTSD and others which must be treated for success but is not in most other programs.833-811-9111
If you wish more information, resources, answers, an appointment, a good listener or conversation with an experienced MD, contact overcoming

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