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Typical Experience


Due to high risks and barriers, we are treating most
patients with face-to-face telemedicine.

When appropriate, protected in clinic visits are


Enter through the East door of 11500 Wayzata Boulevard

We are in an attractive stand-alone one story office
building in a residential community.


You will meet your therapist.

You will share your name address, phone, email, and
provide a random urine drug screen. What you can
expect from us and what we expect from you will be
carefully explained and signed.


Together, with your therapist, you will discuss your
using, cravings, withdrawals, relapses, triggers, medical,
emotional, relationship, job, financial issues, problems,
needs and goals.

Your diagnoses are discussed and an entirely individual
unique treatment program is designed just for you with
available options. Counseling and medications with
what steps you are to take are clearly outlined.
Depending on the severity of your problems, the visit
may last from 15 to 75 minutes.


Additional outside group support and counseling.

If additional outside group support and counseling, or
12 step after group, is needed, advice and referral may
be made. The pharmacy of your choice receives an
email prescription, receipt for your services is provided
for insurance reimbursement to you.


Schedule your follow-up appointment.

Follow up phone or video contact is available as is 24/7
professional support and answers at 833-811-9111.

About Felix Adeyemi

I understand the impacts addiction can have on people. My nephew got involved in drug use and ended up being homeless. He lost his job and family. I got involved in addiction medicine while working in a jail where I treated patients in the detox units. I could see that a lot of the inmates got better during treatment but relapsed after they were released. My focus is to help people overcome their addictions.

I graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Physician Assistant Program in 2006. Since 2007, I have been practicing as a physician assistant in different settings including 8 years of correctional medicine where I have had the privilege of addressing both medical and mental health problems including drug and alcohol dependence.

I also have more than 10 years of experience in addiction medicine with a buprenorphine DATA waiver license to treat 275 patients with opioid dependence in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs. I also treat other substance use disorders like stimulant use disorder. I have experience in prescribing suboxone, subutex, zubsolv, methadone,  antabuse, acamprosate, naltrexone, and vivitrol injection.

I have 2 years of experience as a psychiatric physician assistant where I treated both adolescents and adults with mental health problems like ADHD, Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and depression. I have practiced at various clinics and hospitals including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Hospital, and St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. I am credentialed in Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, Washington State,  Utah, Maine, and West Virginia. As a family man, I like to spend time with my children, I enjoy walking and reading, and I also enjoy seeing my patients overcome their addictions, get back to living their normal lives, raise their children, and get back to their jobs
Felix Adeyemi- PA-C

About Heather

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Health is not that hard to create
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Restore happiness with our help

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