Our Story

The story of overcoming addictions

Only in the last 20 Years has the true nature of addiction become understood. It’s genetic biochemical structural chronic brain damage explains why the century-old AA or talk therapy rarely succeeds. Yet 2/3 of treatments ignore that evidence. Methadone, Naltrexone and Buprenorphine(Suboxone) have revolutionized substance use care.
Doctor Everett established Overcoming Addictions in a beautiful residential center at 8100 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis in 2019. He used his 14 years experience founding and managing Addiction Care Practitioners treating 120 patients monthly, learning what works and what does not. The 13 year experience of our multi board-certified chief therapist is crucial in treating all chemical dependencies.
The most critical step is to provide what is best for the patient, not the medical system. Each therapy is unique to that person including care of anxiety depression ptsd and other mental health issues which is unaddressed in most programs. Medication leads to 7 times better results.
Since 95% of substance users never get treatment, removing all barriers is essential. First is distance, then evening or weekend visits to avoid interference with job school or responsibilities. Inpatient treatment is disruptive and rarely necessary. Delay or hassles are deadly, so we assess and begin detox or treatment the same day Convenience is important.Stigma and shame prevent many. Cost is a factor so we limit it to $63 per week(17% of a typical users cost for drugs).Lack of guidance is corrected by 24/7 physician phone support. Therapy anywhere by Telletreatment solves most of these problems. He enjoys the challenge of researching cutting edge evidence-based studies,technology and improvements in practices and patient satisfaction. Finding effective treatments that meet all these standards is very rare. Nearly all our patients give us five star reviews.

One User’s Tale

Nick had hit bottom-he just couldn’t do it anymore. After starting with booze and many drugs at parties as a teenager, over the next 10 years,he found he could not escape the craving to get high and then crashes of mind-blowing sickness when he ran out. It led to his being fired at work, becoming homeless and couch-hopping with his using friends, contracting hepatitis C, a prison for theft and drug use, and his mother and girlfriend (with their two children) refusing to have anything to do with him if he didn’t get help and get clean.
Where was he going to find the $2,000 a month to keep him supplied?
He had been forced into a month of inpatient treatment twice and outpatient once but talking didn’t cut it for him. He had frequent bad urines which led to more problems with his parole. He did find buying Subutex off the street gave him the relief he was looking for.
So two years ago he Googled treatment for chemical dependency and found Overcoming Addictions at 833-811-9111. He talked with Dr. Everett, did his free assessment, and was connected by phone with his personal therapist who carried out his first treatment face to face over his cell phone while at home.
He picked up his Suboxone prescription and in 4 hours of comfortable detox, he was ready for stable maintenance. His anxiety, depression, and PTSD were treated and his plan for lifelong recovery was set in action. He has been clean for the past two years with no failed drug tests. Now he has a good construction job and income, an apartment, non-using friends, and has a great relationship with his mother, girlfriend, and two kids. He feels good about himself, has plans, hope, and is grateful for his new life.
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