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Dr. Fred Everett - CEO

The core of the treatment center dates back to the year 2003. It was then that Dr. Fred Everett, who practiced internal medicine for 50 years, had just come to Minneapolis for the first time. He joined Johnson Street Clinic, a small independent general medical clinic where he soon found he was treating an exceptional number of patients whose doctors had given them years of high dose narcotics for chronic pain conditions. It was difficult to reduce or shift their medications until Suboxone became available that year. After educating himself on the medication’s details, he found amazing transformations in the lives of those he treated. Soon three other Physicians joined to care for 120 Suboxone patients monthly. He continued that at his new Addiction Care Practitioner Clinic on Douglas Drive in Crystal until he retired in 2015.

But he and Art Fretag deeply missed the satisfaction, meaningfulness, and joy of being part of rebuilding the lives of those suffering from addiction.

They founded Overcoming Addictions at 8100 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis in 2019. It is intensely patient-focused, with immediate no barriers to access by a single call to 833-811-9111

Featuring personal,all-digital, low cost, cutting edge, face-to-face, at-your-convenience telemetry visits with free 24/7 physician phone assessment and support. They were fortunate to engage several exceptional multi- board-certified empathetic decade experienced treatment specialists.

Dr. Everett coordinates patient communications, services and care. The great number of Five-Star satisfied patients testifies to the results they have achieved, the unmet needs they have filled and the lives they have helped restore.
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Scott Everett - CFO

Scott is greatly overqualified for his role with Overcoming Addictions.

But he came on board because of his love of challenges, finding better solutions, and improving satisfaction.

Having obtained Advanced Degrees from three universities in electrical engineering, computers and business, he worked with Lucent, Alcatel, Dish, AT&T, Nokia and Verizon, among others leading teams providing software solutions and overseeing 100 colleagues and 10 million-dollar budgets which has taken him to nearly 30 countries around the world.

He is very approachable,loves teaching, motorcycles, cooking and Portugal. He is dedicated to finding better solutions to problems and focused on making your experience at Overcoming Addictions the best, most hassle-free, rewarding experience possible.
Felix Adeyemi

Felix Adeyemi

I understand the impacts addiction can have on people. My nephew got involved in drug use and ended up being homeless. He lost his job and family. I got involved in addiction medicine while working in a jail where I treated patients in the detox units. I could see that a lot of the inmates got better during treatment but relapsed after they were released. My focus is to help people overcome their addictions.

I graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore Physician Assistant Program in 2006. Since 2007, I have been practicing as a physician assistant in different settings including 8 years of correctional medicine where I have had the privilege of addressing both medical and mental health problems including drug and alcohol dependence.

I also have more than 10 years of experience in addiction medicine with a buprenorphine DATA waiver license to treat 275 patients with opioid dependence in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs. I also treat other substance use disorders like stimulant use disorder. I have experience in prescribing suboxone, subutex, zubsolv, methadone,  antabuse, acamprosate, naltrexone, and vivitrol injection.

I have 2 years of experience as a psychiatric physician assistant where I treated both adolescents and adults with mental health problems like ADHD, Anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, and depression. I have practiced at various clinics and hospitals including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai Hospital, and St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. I am credentialed in Maryland, Montana, Minnesota, Washington State,  Utah, Maine, and West Virginia. As a family man, I like to spend time with my children, I enjoy walking and reading, and I also enjoy seeing my patients overcome their addictions, get back to living their normal lives, raise their children, and get back to their jobs
Felix Adeyemi- PA-C

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