What are my options?

If you have:

  • Lost control of your life
  • Spend much money, time, energy on drugs
  • Have cravings, withdrawals and tolerance
  • Medical, mental, physical, emotional problems due to drugs
  • Tried but unable to stop
  • Lack of self-care, esteem, enjoyment due to drugs
  • Upset when confronted about using
  • Abandoning pleasurable people, activities, and possessions
Self-knowledge is the best predictor of relapse.
To Heal, Develop an Attitude of Gratitude.
Overcoming Addictions is a focused addiction recovery clinic based on decades of experience with these complex problems. We bring a deep understanding of the causes of addiction and the many effective ways to support your recovery.
We know what works and what doesn’t.
Although occasionally someone recovers on their own, nearly everybody benefits greatly from professional help. People and problems vary widely, so no one program works best for all. Abstinence programs are most common, for 90 years, based on changing thoughts and behaviors by talking or counseling. Then it believes addiction results from a moral and will power failure requiring intervention of a higher power. Evidence review of reliable resources confirm positive outcomes in 10%. Medication-Assisted Treatment is most recent (2 decades). Therapy with maintenance medication eliminates withdrawals cravings and relapses resulting in success rates of 70%. (see FAQs) All but the most severe or recurring problems can be treated, outpatient. Evidence-based treatment and best practices are essential for successful outcomes. 50% of substance abusers have coexisting brain/ mental/emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD requiring CBT, motivational, mindfulness, contingency or other therapy. Our care is comprehensive, individual and patient-centered. Our experienced addiction clinicians review every detail of your problem with you to create your unique all-encompassing treatment plan.

Enjoy the Freedom of Sobriety and End Cravings, Withdrawals, & Relapses

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