Dr. Fred Everett


The core of the treatment center dates back to the year 2003. It was then that Dr. Fred Everett, who practiced internal medicine for 50 years, had just come to Minneapolis for the first time. He joined Johnson Street Clinic, a small independent general medical clinic where he soon found he was treating an exceptional number of patients whose doctors had given them years of high dose narcotics for chronic pain conditions. It was difficult to reduce or shift their medications until Suboxone became available that year. After educating himself on the medication’s details, he found amazing transformations in the lives of those he treated. Soon three other Physicians joined to care for 120 Suboxone patients monthly. He continued that at his new Addiction Care Practitioner Clinic on Douglas Drive in Crystal until he retired in 2015. But he and Art Fretag deeply missed the satisfaction, meaningfulness, and joy of being part of rebuilding the lives of those suffering from addiction. They founded Overcoming Addictions at 8100 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis in 2019. It is intensely patient-focused, with immediate no barriers to access by a single call to 833-811-9111. Featuring personal, all-digital, low cost, cutting edge, face-to-face, at-your-convenience telemetry visits with free 24/7 physician phone assessment and support. They were fortunate to engage several exceptional multi- board-certified empathetic decade experienced treatment specialists.