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Multiple board-certified specialists and professionals at Overcoming Addictions LLC located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Overcoming Addictions LLC

Addiction Treatment Center located in Minneapolis, MN
Detoxing on your own is nearly impossible because of your uncontrollable cravings. Even worse, withdrawal from some substances can be deadly without medical supervision. Board-certified specialists and professionals at Overcoming Addictions LLC support a safe detox that uses medication to stop cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If you’re ready to detox, call the office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can call any time, day or night, and a professional will answer. Then you can arrange a visit from any state via telehealth or schedule an in-office appointment. You can also connect with them and book an appointment over the phone.

Detox Q & A

The goal of detox (short for detoxification) is to clear all of the drugs and alcohol out of your body. During your detox, Overcoming

Addictions LLC focuses on your safety and physical health, monitoring your progress, and using medications to prevent withdrawal


Medically assisted treatment (MAT) allows you to detox without entering an inpatient program. Overcoming Addictions LLC offers MAT

through in-person visits at the clinic and telehealth appointments from the comfort of your home

During your first appointment, you meet your therapist and they talk with you about your medical history, the substances you use,

your cravings, and withdrawal symptoms.

Then they prescribe the appropriate medication for detoxing from the substance you use. You learn exactly how to take the

medication and what to expect during detox.

The medication you take effectively stops cravings and prevents withdrawal symptoms so you can safely stop taking drugs and detox

your body.

People with these mental health conditions may use any substance, from alcohol and opioids to stimulants, hallucinogens, and

prescription drugs.

The time it takes to detox differs for each person because it depends on variables such as:

  • The type of substance you use
  • How long you’ve been addicted
  • Your method of drug use (smoking, injecting, swallowing)
  • The drug dose you take
  • Whether you have co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Your overall health

Your detox may take from days to months because it’s not just about clearing addictive substances out of your body. You also need to

take the medication until all of your cravings are gone.

The timetable for eliminating cravings depends on your unique genetic makeup and the substance you use. For example, cravings

Your detox is only the first step toward recovering from a chemical dependency. The MAT protocol calls for combining medication with

counseling. Counseling is the key to identifying the things that trigger you to take drugs and then teaching you how to manage those


Counseling is also important because many people who abuse drugs also have another mental health disorder. Co-occurring

conditions make it especially challenging to successfully recover from a dependency, but counseling guides your path and provides

ongoing support.

If you’re ready to detox, call Overcoming Addictions LLC today. They’re available 24/7, and a real person is there to answer the phone

and help. Connect with them and schedule an appointment over the phone.

Hope, Help, Heal.

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