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Dealing with Stigma

It’s not easy beiing an addict. Family and former friends shun you-want nothing to do with you. You lose your job,your health, your
money,your self respect. Worst of all your hopes and dreams. What is left for you in life? Everything that reminds you of your
failures,poor choices,mistakes you want to blank out. Do you want others to know you are going to therapy? 50% will not even tell
their closest family or doctor about their substance dependency or treatment. Wanting to be anonymous, private and secretive is a
powerful need. Fortunately,Inpatient care is rarely needed and is less effective than outpatient. But the solution to cost, travel, job,
child care, timing,stigma,shame and need for privacy appeared with Covid. Telemedicine has proven to resolve all these concerns and
remains the most effective for life-long recovery.


Dr Fred Everett, retired

Coordinator of Patient Care,Overcoming Addictions

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Usual treatment for substance use is talk therapy. It believes addiction is a choice- a moral and willpower failure. Recent evidence proves Addiction is a chronic genetic biochemical disease. Like Diabetes,only Medication+CBT works. Results are 7x better

People commonly think of treatment being 1-6 months of inpatient care. Most can not afford to lose income, job, rent, relationship disruptions of that program. Evidence shows outpatient therapy is as or more effective with best outcomes.

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