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What do you do now?  You are stressed out, overwhelmed, and realize your actions are destroying your life something has to change-but what and how?  You have looked into it and found AA/NA or most (2 0f every 3 programs) recommend 1-3 months of inpatient, abstinence, 12-step, group treatment, but that won’t work for you. You can’t give up the time, relationships, bill paying,  your home, your job, or the $50,000/month There are some good things about this century-old approach but many harmful things as well. 

The first benefit is the commitment to change, then connection to others, structure, encouragement, sharing stories, and support, and finally emphasis on increased spirituality.

On the other hand, All authoritative science-based evidence shows it simply does not work( less than 10% success rate) It adds to a sense of powerlessness, failure, weakness, sin, mental illness, defects helplessness degradation, humiliation, inability to take responsibility or effective action. Focus on confession powerlessness and defects, the past and the negative.

It presents a one-size-fits-all daily or weekly plan when you know that no one program is best for everyone. You realize untrained leaders’ advice may often be wrong. Judgment and intolerance of Mental Health medications and effective MAT are common. 

But all is not lost. Although rare and often difficult to access, effective therapy for substance abuse is available everywhere. Scientific evidence shows outpatient telemedicine medication-assisted treatment is the affordable, superior, only effective, management of the years-long, damaged neuron brain disease. It’s time you recognized you deserve the best treatment to get your life back- do not settle for any less. There is hope, help, healing, and transformation waiting. Start by MAT searches or calling 833-811-9111.

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